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What is capcut?

Free all-in-one video editor for everyone to create anything anywhere. Discover Capcut, your ultimate video editor. Unleash creativity with intuitive tools, effects, and more. Dive into the world of effortless and powerful video editing with Capcut.


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“Discover an extensive collection of premium Capcut templates, tailored for your Instagram Reel or TikTok. Stay updated with the latest trends and choose from the most popular templates available.”

Discover Latest Capcut Templates

“Explore our newest collection of Capcut templates categorized for your convenience. Stay updated with the freshest designs for your Instagram Reel or TikTok, ensuring your content stands out in every category.”


Download Capcut Editor

“Explore limitless creativity with Capcut Editor! Download now for mobile, Windows, Mac, and APK. Empower your editing journey across all platforms and unleash the full potential of your videos.”

Capcut Smart Tools: Boost Efficiency

“Experience unparalleled efficiency with Capcut’s smart tools. Elevate your editing game and achieve high efficiency effortlessly. Explore the future of video editing with our innovative and intelligent features.”

Remove Background

capcut AI color correction

AI color correction

Image upscaler

Photo colorizer

Old photo restoration

Portrait generator

Resize video

Video upscaler

Text to Speech & Speech to Text Mastery

Text To Speech

Speech To Text

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